Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Martha Marsden Co-founder & Photographer

Marsden has always been intrigued in the integration of technology, art, and business. Marsden has found photography to be her favorite medium since it allows her to enthusiastically combine her creative energy and technical skills to produce her artistic vision, while working closely with her clients. Her photographic adventures spread the US including Hawaii, but also Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Marsden is a Boston University certified Digital Photographer, having graduated the highly regarded CDIA. 

"I appreciate both the physical, mental, and technological challenges presented in the photographic process from setting up lighting or seeking great natural lighting, to the processing and editing of my unique digital images." -Martha

Prior to launching her own company, she gained experience at Apple Computer where she was thoroughly trained in sales and technology. After Apple, she played an integral role at Braintree Printing Inc. where she absorbed the fast paced-due-yesterday and demanding business of commercial printing. Having acquired a diverse skillset she launched Marsden Creative.

Marsden attended Michigan State University and the University of Massachusetts, Lowell graduating Summa Cum Laude in Graphic Design and was awarded the Most Outstanding Student Athlete. Marsden's curiosity lead her to the highly tactile field of the darkroom and mastering the nuances of lighting in the studio. She studied under innovative photographer, Arno Minkkinen as well as investigated alternative chemical photographic processes, including mordancage and photograms. Anticipating the inexorable changeover of professional standards from Analog to Digital she grasped the fast fading arts of the darkroom.

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