Monday, January 2, 2012

The World is our Studio!!

Marsden Creative provides creative services in photography, graphic design, marketing and videography worldwide. Specializing in "lifestyle" photography or rather environmental candid photography, Marsden Creative brings a fresh look and feel when documenting events and portrait sessions. Our videography style is also shot in a real-life manner and segmented into what we call videosnaps. These videosnaps will often be combined with a photography slideshow, sending you right back to those special moments in an decisive and inventive way. So much changes in this digital world and Marsden Creative is unafraid to change along with it. We understand that digital files should be accessible to the client for their own archival purposes. We offer services in scanning hardcopy photos to file and transferring VHS to DVD. Having a background in teaching and personal assisting, we can also assist you into the digital age, by getting you set you up with social media websites, apps and sharing your photos and videos. Recording and sharing our lives is much easier now, but also that much more important.

Based out of the Boston Area, Marsden Creative is by no means limited to Boston because travel is a priority! So no need to wonder where in the world we might be, put in for an estimate cause we're just a simple flight away to record your day!


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